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Australian Market – Polaris introduced their Ranger Diesel utility vehicle in the Australian market not too long ago.  Reports are that New Zealand and the Australian outback serve as a testing ground for some of the companies vehicle prototypes.  International sales have been a significant growth area for Polaris UTVs and other vehicles as well.  Learn more:  Ferret.com.au

GEM Acquisition – In a recent interview Polaris CEO Scott Wine discussed the company’s recent GEM acquisition.  Commenting on the potential GEM under the Polaris umbrella he stated “…if you think about Polaris’ ability to drive innovative design and performance, we really like what we can do with the GEM technology and brand.”  He also remarked that they view the GEM as a vehicle for the electric city car/commuter car market, which they expect to grow “significantly faster” than GDP.

What’s interesting is that historically the majority of GEM sales have been to parks, colleges and other commercial customers.  If Polaris is looking to push more into the commuter market they could add some muscle to lobbying efforts to push NHTSA to develop a medium speed vehicle standard, which they have resisted to date.  Learn more:  Dealernews.com

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