News Briefs

Polaris Adds Jobs – Polaris will be adding 89 jobs in their Osceola, WI plant for work related to their Indian Motorcycle and GEM product lines that were acquired last year.  Work at the plant will include engine production for motorcycles and R&D for GEM vehicles.  The company has also added 200 jobs over the last 18 months at their Spirit Lake facility which is ramping up to full production of Indian motorcycles and GEM vehicles.  Learn more:

Campus Sustainability Drives Electrics – Washington State University is another example of how sustainability initiatives on campus are driving electric STOV purchases.  The university recently purchased the three GEMs for transportation and general fleet use.  The vehicles help the university meet the governor’s mandate that state entities reduce their carbon footprint.  Learn more:

A Case For NEVs/LSVs – In this brief interview an author in the renewable energy space makes the case for NEVs/LSVs and the role for STOVs.  Learn more:

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