Polaris Continues EV Strategy With E-Bike Offering

Several years ago Polaris made a strategic decision to enter the electric vehicle market and has continued to execute on that strategy with their recent introduction of electric bicycles in partnership with EVantage.  Leaving larger-sized electric vehicles for other manufacturers, Polaris has targeted smaller electric vehicles such a LSVs/NEVs through their GEM acquisition, small utility vehicles through their Goupil Industry SA acquisition, electric motorcycles with their Brammo investment and now e-bikes.

Launched last week at the bicycle industry trade show, Interbike, the e-bike offerings include three product lines with a total of seven models.  The Vector, Strive and Meridian lines target trail/all-around applications, touring and urban commuting respectively.  Key features of the e-bikes include:

  • DuoDrive motor technology that allows for switching between speed or higher-torque settings automatically to adjust for riding conditions
  • Re-generative braking
  • IC dashboard including a carbon footprint readout
  • Ability to use pedal assist or throttle control while riding

Comment: The EV strategy is also a strategy for Polaris to expand into and grow international markets.  While all these vehicle types have a market in the US, their is currently greater potential for these vehicles internationally such as in Europe and India for small, urban utility/cargo vehicles and electric bikes in Asian markets.

Learn more:  Powersportsbusiness.com

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