John Deere Plans Gator Experience Days for UK/Ireland

John Deere dealers in the UK and Ireland will be hosting Gator Experience Days this coming April and in parts of March and May as well. About 50 dealers in total will participate in the events that provide potential customers a chance to test drive a variety of Gator utility vehicles in an off-road setting. Special financing is being offered in conjunction with the promotional events. The new lineup of crossover utility vehicles, the XUV models, will be available for test drives. John Deere has developed a dedicated website for customers to find out more information and register for the events.

Comment: ¬†I just finished conducting some dealer interviews for our new Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle study and these demo days are a pretty effective marketing tool. As a dealer related to me, the best sales pitch can be just getting the customer in the vehicle and have them test it out. This can be particularly effective for first-time purchasers or those who haven’t driven a newer UTV with all the features that are available on today’s models.

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