New Concept Drawings for Coachella Valley Multi-Use Parkway

Concept drawing for multi-use parkway between Palms Springs and Coachella in California

The Coachella Valley Association of Governments presented new concept drawings for a 52 mile multi-use parkway for pedestrians, cyclists and LSVs/NEVs. Running along the Whitewater River wash between Palm Springs to Coachella, the drawings depict a parkway with “interactive kiosks where people would be able to see the trail’s real-time impacts on air quality and greenhouse gases and night-time laser light shows that would be motion-activated as users walked or cycled by.” Shade structures and color accents are key parts of the design. The concept also includes different configurations for the parkway as it conforms to the changing landscape along the 52 mile route. There has been mixed reaction to the parkway and some gated communities and country clubs would rather not have the project run through their properties. The exact route is still being worked out with potential alternatives for bypassing these properties being considered. In general, the cycling community is behind the project, if not enthusiastically. CVAG has pitched the project with an $80 million price tag — $70 million for construction and $10 million for operation and maintenance. Federal and state transportation and air quality funds will help fund the project.  Learn more:


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