GEM Now Offers Solar Panel Option

GEM now offers a solar panel option for their models.

GEM’s new solar panel option for their models.

As part of their 2015 product line launch, GEM recently rolled out a solar panel option to supplement vehicle charging. GEM is offering two solar panel models, the Ra Power Pro 220 and Ra Power Pro 410 which provide 220 to 410 watts of energy daily to the vehicle’s battery system. The panels are manufactured by SolarDrive US and include their Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller that has been specifically designed and programmed to work with GEM’s 72 volt battery set systems.

The panels can be factory installed when ordering 2015 GEM models:   e4, e4S, e6®, e6®S, eL and eL XD. They can also be retrofitted by dealers for 2005 and newer models.  Learn more:

Comment:  The solar panel option could be particularly popular in the College/University and Parks market segment and with other commercial buyers that have green or sustainable initiatives. For dealers this option could be a nice little add to their revenue. The installed base of older GEM models at these institutions offer an opportunity for retrofitting whole fleets.

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