SVR Adds 2016 Honda UTVs To Database

The new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

The new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

The new Honda Pioneer 1000-5 can fit up to five people.

The new Honda Pioneer 1000-5 can fit up to five people. has added the recently announced 2016 Honda utility vehicle models to our vehicle database. The Honda offerings include their Pioneer product line including the newest additions, the Pioneer 1000, 1000 EPS, 1000-5 and 1000-5 Deluxe. The 2016 700, 700-4 and 500 remain largely unchanged from their 2015 incarnations.

The newest additions build out their product line with some models with a larger engine, 999cc compared to the 675cc used in the Pioneer 700. The Pioneer 1000-5 can fit up to five people but with Honda’s QuickFlip seating can be configured for three or four as well. No specific pricing has been released for the models. Depending on the model, higher trim levels  include some or all of the following extras:  electronic power steering, paddle sifters, color-matched doors and bedside panels, tilt steering, LED Headlights and more paint choices including Phantom Camo.

The newest models do not strike new ground in terms of end-use applications.  All of the Pioneer models straddle the work and recreation segments, although you might argue the Pioneer 700 and 1000 models with a 1,000 lb. cargo bed and one ton towing capacity are leaning more towards work, while the narrower and smaller 500 is more for recreation.

If you are a Honda dealer you can add a basic listing for your dealership to our dealer directory for free or if you are already in our dealer directory you can add Honda to your listing.

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