Garia Launches Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Golf Car

Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car

The Garia Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Golf Car extends Mercedes-Benz luxury to the golf course.

Luxury golf car manufacturer Garia has launched a special edition Mercedes-Benz Style Edition golf car. The new golf car is the result of a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Garia that started with a Mercedes-Benz call for submissions for new ideas for the golf car of the future. The Mercedes-Benz Style brand was created to extend the modern luxury associated with Mercedes-Benz automobiles to other product categories.

Garia Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Golf CarThis excerpt from the press release details some of the key design elements and the thinking behind them.

As a showcar, the new Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car immediately appears distinctly different from conventional golf carts. The driver and passenger have a view through a large, curved windscreen. The carbon-fibre roof is different in colour and form from the base vehicle. With its short front and rear overhangs, it somewhat resembles a sporty baseball cap. The effect is to make the vehicle look low and more sporty.


The sporty impression is heightened by a small rear spoiler which acts as a golf bag holder while being fully integrated into the overall design as a significant feature. It is so constructed that it can accommodate two golf bags slanted rearwards. This slanted position allows golf clubs to be conveniently taken out and replaced. A carbon-fibre diffuser rounds off the lower rear end as a lighthearted reference to the vehicle’s character as a “real sports car”.


The bench seat has a sculptured, inviting look like a lounge chair, and blends in with the exterior design to provide a sensual experience. Other examples of intelligent and useful details: There is a refrigerator under the bench seat, and a stowage tray under the dashboard holds golf balls aligned in a row. Bottle holders on the instrument panel support and on the passenger side provide space for glasses and bottles.

An interior view of Garia's latest luxury model.

An interior view of Garia’s latest luxury model shows the touchpad and use of leather, metal and wood.

Garia Mercedes-Benz Style Golf Car

This special edition golf car features a unique seat design including an underseat refrigerator.

Another feature is an integrated 10.1″ touchpad that displays both vehicle information and course related information. There are also Bluetooth enabled hi-fi speakers. The interior is a mix of leather, wood, carbon-fibre and metal. Other key features of this vehicle include:

  • Double wishbone suspension
  • 3kW electric motor with 11kW peak power
  • Lithium batteries
  • Front disc brakes
  • 460 kg payload
  • Up to 80 km range
  • 30km/hr top speed
  • LSV compliant for use on US roads

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