Chrysler Creates Separate Subsidiary for Peapod

Peapod From Newly Formed Peapod Mobility, Llc

Peapod From Newly Formed Peapod Mobility, LLC

Chrysler recently created a separate subsidiary, Peapod Mobility, LLC, to market the Peapod, which had been under the GEM brand. The new company is headed up by Chrysler “brand guru” Peter Arnell who helped design the Peapod. The company is targeting the 20 something segment with the vehicle. Arnell recently told Brandweek,

You know how the Beetle was the vehicle of choice for the whole ’60s, the hippie revolution and everything? We’re hoping that this becomes the new-wave car for the younger set as well as addressing mom and her needs with her kids.

The company expects to deliver the first Peapod. a four-seater, in September 2009 followed by a two-seater later in the year and a utility vehicle in the Spring of 2010. Learn more

Comment: If they do produce a utility vehicle what will that mean for GEM which sells a large number of vehicles configured as utility vehicles. It seems like it would put the companies in direct competition. The other question is whether or not NEVs with their limited mobility will appeal to a younger and presumably more mobile market segment.

2 thoughts on “Chrysler Creates Separate Subsidiary for Peapod

  1. I love GEM and used to own one of their NEVs, but the Peapod sucks. It’s ugly, and it doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of performance or amenities.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to drive a car-shaped iPod dock.

  2. It’s a start, which is more than we had yesterday.

    It will evolve, like everything always does, into whatever people eventually decide they want.

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