BG Automotive Shows Off Prototype Electric Vehicle

BG Automotive C100 Prototype               Photo Credit:  Clifford Atiyeh & Boston Globe

BG Automotive C100 Prototype Photos: Clifford Atiyeh/Boston Globe

BG Automotive recently showed a prototype of their C100 NEV to Massachusetts officials in hopes of generating financial support for production facilities in the state. They are also looking to obtain funding from the US Department of Energy.

The C100 features a 48 volt, 18 hp electric motor powered by eight lead acid batteries and has a range of 60-80 miles according to the company. Except for the controller, motor and batteries which are produced in the US, the rest of the vehicle’s parts are produced in China. Price range will be $16,000 to $18,000.

A Boston Globe reporter took the vehicle for a parking lot test drive and had a mixed review.


  • Decent economy car
  • Good seat position
  • Some nice features


  • Noise
  • Slow acceleration
  • Poor braking

The company still expects to make a May/June 2009 launch date despite not having any facilities in place. Learn more: Boston Globe Article

Update 3/23:  The article is updated to note that the vehicle is actually the Chang’an Ben Ben or Chana Benni produced in China.

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