STOV Technology Developments

I came across some new technology developments that have potential applications in the STOV market.

EV Platform for STOV Applications

Trexa EV Platform

The first is a new lithium-powered all-wheel-drive platform developed by Trexa.  One area the company is specifically targeting with the platform is STOV for commercial, military and municipal fleets.  The platform is made with with carbon steel tubing, aluminum and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.  Trexa claims the lithium iron phosphate battery system is capable of range up to 105 miles with dual motors and a top speed of 100 mph.  The platform features a built-in 6 kW charger  that recharges the batteries in four hours and has the flexibility to accommodate other charging options.  Learn more:

Ultracapacitor Cells for EV Applications

Ioxus, Inc. has introduced a new family of electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) for transportation and utility applications.  The company claims the 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad (F) ultracapacitors are smaller in size with increased energy and power density than others on the market.  The products can be used as the only energy storage device or in combination with other devices such as batteries.  According to the company the 1,000F unit offers the same maximum power as competitive 1,200F products with 24% less volume.  This size is targeted towards golf-car type vehicles and utility vehicles.  Learn more:

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