Boeing UK & John Deere Introduce Robotic Gator For Military Market

R-Gator A3 ACS developed jointly by Boeing UK and John Deere

Boeing UK and John Deere recently introduced the R-Gator A3 Assisted Carriage System (ACS) robotic utility vehicle for military applications.  In development for two years, the vehicle has a 635 kg payload to help carry some of the gear modern soldiers require in the field.  The vehicle can operate autonomously or manually under daylight or night conditions.  John Deere borrowed from their M-Gator platform as well as their navigation, guidance and obstacle avoidance technology and expertise developed for the agriculture sector.  The vehicle also features “…multiple tie-down points for sling loading, underbody skid plates, a front cargo rack and a rifle mount system to carry military specific loads.”  Learn more:

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