Mini-truck Market In Bangladesh

Reports from Bangladesh indicate a small but fast growing mini-truck market. In 2011 the market was estimated to be 8,500 vehicles and the Tata Ace mini-truck, manufactured in neighboring India, accounts for over ninety percent of the market.  Tata started selling their mini-trucks in Bangladesh in 2009, selling 3,500 vehicles that first year.

The local distributor Nitol Motors attributes their sales success to growing demand across many industries and a reduced down payment for purchasers.  Instead of requiring a 50% initial payment, they only require 30% and sometimes as low as 20%.  This has enabled local entrepreneurs to start their own goods shipping businesses.  According to Nitrol Motors half the market is for this type of business and the other half for general business use.  Buyers are most concerned with the initial payment costs instead of total vehicle costs.   The success of the Tata Ace has also taken a large chunk of the used and reconditioned mini-truck market.  Learn more:

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