Kubota Adds RTV 400 To Product Line

Kubota has added the RTV 400 to their line of utility vehicles.  Using the same chassis as the RTV 500, the RTV 400 features a one cylinder, 404cc, 16 hp engine with electronic fuel injection and a new Kubota designed continuously variable transmission.  The new CVT maintains a taught belt at all times for “…a longer lasting belt and dynamic breaking.”   The RTV 400 has the same cargo carrying capacity as the 500 but 200 lb less hauling capacity.  Other features include:

  • Independent front suspension and semi-independent rear suspension
  • Selectable 2wd or 4wd and a differential lock
  • Compatibility with options for the RTV 500.
The vehicle is targeted for the similar farm and general utility markets as the RTV 500 according to management. Learn more:  Agweb.com

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