Kubota Makes Upgrades to 2016 UTV Models

The Kubota RTV-X1100C receives a PTO upgrade for 2016.

The Kubota RTV-X1100C receives a PTO upgrade for 2016.

Kubota has made some upgrades to their RTV-X line up of utility vehicles for model year 2016. The RTV-X1100C will now be able to have a front PTO connection. Implements can hook up to the PTO in seconds by simply flipping the PTO lever. The PTO is gearbox driven and the complete system can be removed in less than an hour if you need to use the vehicle without an implement. Four PTO attachments will be available for 2016:

  • A 66-inch snowblower with a standard hydraulic chute rotation and deflector.
  • A 66-inch sweeper that turns at more than 240 rpm.
  • A 78-inch v-plow that will accommodate the full width of the RTV.
  • A 78-inch straight blade.

Kubota has also added the RTV-X1140 to their X series. A key features is the K-Vertible cargo conversion system with an improved three-step process when converting the seating from two to four. A newly designed ROPS makes loading from the side easier when the RTV is in the two-seat configuration. In addition, the X1140 has independent rear suspension, 10% more legroom in the backseat, and a 20% larger radiator. This model is expected to ship to dealers this month. Learn more: Forconstructionpros.com

Comment:  Compared to other manufacturers these model year changes are more incremental, but consistent with the rate of change that Kubota has implemented in the past for their utility vehicles. In part, this is a reflection of their primary markets such as farming, large estate, hunting and construction. The needs of these markets have not changed drastically over the years and Kubota has had a long time presence with a full line up of vehicles. In contrast recreational UTV buyers are frequently looking for the latest and greatest new technology or larger engine size, and these changes often drive vehicle sales.

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