Hyndsight Rear View Vision System For Kubota UTVs

The Kubota RTV-X900

The Journey rear view vision system from Hyndsight Vision Systems will soon be available for Kubota utility vehicles like the Kubota RTV-X900.

Hyndsight Vision Systems has announced they have established an exclusive partnership with Weidmann Brothers, a national aftermarket wholesaler of quality products to agricultural, turf, industrial and rural lifestyle dealers, to sell the company’s rear view vision system to Kubota dealerships. Weidmann’s Orange Aftermarket division supports over 1,900 Kubota dealers with aftermarket accessories for tractors, RTVs and mowers.

The Journey vision system is a portable, wireless rear view vision system that can be mounted without any wiring required on any utility vehicle, allowing full rear view coverage on a sunlight readable monitor. Designed for a harsh environment, the rugged, weather resistant system and provides a “real-to-life” visual field through a real-time video stream between camera and monitor. The Jouney system debuted at Kubota’s recent national dealer meeting. Learn more:  PRweb.com

Comment:  As the UTV market has developed, the vehicles have been adopting some of the same advanced technology that is present in automobiles. In similar fashion, this technology is typically first found on more expensive vehicles as standard equipment or as an optional accessory. This product could be useful in other STOV market segments as well such as on LSVs and golf car type vehicles used on college campuses, where vehicle safety is a significant concern in high pedestrian traffic environments. Similarly, in gated communities or where public road use by LSVs and golf cars is high there could be some demand for the product.

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