Consumers Switching From ATVs To UTVs In Australia

Similar to the US market, a story out of Australia indicates that UTVs are displacing ATVs. The switch started occurring over the last four years or to five years and is expected to continue. The main reasons for the switch are safety and the ease in which users, especially older users, can get into and out of utility vehicles compared to getting onto and off an ATV. Safety is important for larger corporations and government entities supplying vehicles to workers. One dealer noted that in more rural areas and for smaller private operations ATVs are still holding their own. Learn more:

Comment:  This is not surprising to hear since the end user applications for STOVs have many similarities across the world, and market forces can be the same as well. UTVs can be more versatile with their cargo and seating capacity. UTVs also offer more safety features. ATVs offer a significantly lower cost and are better for narrow trails and work environments with limited space for maneuvering.  UTVs are likely to continue to take market share from ATVs but there will always be a demand for these vehicles that are more affordable and can perform very well in specific applications that don’t require all the functionality of a UTV.

A story out of Texas talks about the versatility of UTVs and their growing use over the last ten years. The ability to hunt, work and trail ride with a UTV makes them a year round multi-use vehicle. The safety features of the UTVs and the additional skill to use an ATV is also noted.  Learn more:

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