Cub Cadet Challenger 700 Reviews

Cub Cadet Challenger 700

Cub Cadet Challenger 700

Cub Cadet introduced their Challenger UTV line in early 2015 with the Challenger 500 and Challenger 700 models. The models are similar with the main difference being a larger sized engine in the 700, 686cc vs. 471cc. The models are positioned as offering excellent value for the price with a host of standard features including a hard-top roof, quick-release windshield, winch with remote, alloy wheels and digital display. The MSRP for the Challenger 500 is $8,499 (see model specs) and the Challenger 700 is $9,499. SVR interviewed the Marketing Director and discussed at length the new Challenger line and future development plans.

I found fewer reviews for the Challenger 700 but did find an expert review from UTV Action. The had tested the Challenger 500 at Moab’s Rally on the Rocks. Some of the key takeaways from their test drive:

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  • The Challenger 700 can reach speeds up to around 60 mph in high gear and above 40 mph in low gear but can take time to reach those speeds.
  • The transmission and 4WD worked well with quick engagement and smooth operation.
  • It corners well in 2WD but steering gets heavier in 4WD without EPS. The relatively short wheelbase and torsion bars are good for tight trails.
  • The relatively low 7.3″ of suspension travel limits it ability on more challenging terrain but it handles typical trail obstacles satisfactorily.
  • “Excellent in rocks and good in mud”
  • Very strong brakes for steeper terrain.
  • Good ergonomics in the cockpit and nice creature comforts.

Overall, they seemed to have pushed the Challenger 700 hard and came away with a positive impression for the vehicle.

There was limited user generated reviews but I did find some comments on a UTV forum.

  • Overall the two users seemed satisfied with the Challenger 700.
  • A-arms needed to be greased upon first purchasing.
  • Exhaust valves needed to be adjusted.
  • Top speed of 55 mph reported.
  • The hitch is “quirky” because of existing pin hole placement.

If you are looking to purchase this model please note that Cub Cadet recalled some of these vehicles in early 2016 because of an issue with the parking brake cable failing.

If you have had any experience using this vehicle, please leave a comment below.

39 thoughts on “Cub Cadet Challenger 700 Reviews

  1. I have a 2015 700 oil leaks from the same spot 2 times ,1 from the drivers side rear axel.2 months before the last leak can be looked at.VERY far between dealers that will work on them.Had for 1 year and has been in the shop 31/2 months for the same oil leak.Cub Cadet will only ship parts to the authorized repair shop once a month and don’t be a day late ordering.The timing mark is ? who knows where and the exaust valves are really in a bad spot even after the bed is removed.Have 38 miles on it and dies going up a 20 degree hill and will not shift gears unless it is running.I have a 1/4 tank of gas.The owners manual shows some clips to remove the air filter(screws) and almost impossible to get 3 of them out. and then the filter can not come out without removing the gear shifter.Hisun (china) copy of a rhino.3 intake and 2 exaust valves.Sold under about 12 different badges and very little information.STAY AWAY

  2. Bought 700 model in summer 2016. At about 200 miles the top end of the engine blew up. Sat in shop waiting for a replacement engine from cub cadet for 4 months. Finally the dealer we purchased it from gave us a new machine because engine still not in. The replacement machine keeps blowing fuse to fuel pump, now fuel pump is bad, this machine doesn’t even have 200 miles on it. Do not buy!!!!! These are a huge POS

  3. I bought a 700 in April 2016. I use it on the farm and for hunting. I beat the crap out of it and take it everywhere, places most people would never think it could go. It has 409 hrs on it and has only been serviced. I have had no problems at all. When hunting, it has gone places I wasn’t even sure it could go. Up hills that were even difficult to walk. I’ve gotten stuck a few times (high centered on a log and buried in mud) but the winch that came on the thing got me back going with very little effort. I read a lot of negative reviews before I bought my machine but most had to do with service. I bought mine from my local Kabota dealer which also works on them. Every time I take it in for service, I get it back the same day. I LOVE my machine and am very happy I did not let some bad reviews stop me from buying.

      • I am on my third hisun side x side. I bought my first one in 09. Had some issues with the carburetor but after it was fixed it has been good. I gave it to my dad and still uses it on the farm. I currently have a 16 700 and other than regular maintenance, I have not had any problems. I use it on the farm and will not have a problem getting another when the time comes.

  4. I bought my machine 2months ago and it has been great.I now have 320miles on it. Everybody that sees it really liked the looks of it, My wife and I ride with friends who ride polaris, Honda and yamaha and we keep up just fine even go someplace they can’t because there machines is to wide. We love it and are thinking about trading up in a year or two for the 4 seater.

  5. I purchased a Cub Cadet challenger 550 last year. Let me say before I start that I love it! The first machine almost instantly developed troubles with the shifting. I was using the Cub for farm work and was stopping over and over again at stationary feeders to feed horses. Hence I was probably shifting the machine as much in a week as most heavy road users would do in a month. It was back in the shop where I bought it over and over again for shifting issues. The sales people were great! They transported the unit back and forth for free and gave me a new 700 each time to use as a loaner. When all was said and done the machine with the problems was replace at no cost with a brand new 550 cub. That one has had no problems to date and has kept me out of the rain and cold in WA all winter. In addition this is the first winter in a long time that I haven’t gotten a cold from being exposed to the weather driving to feed from my open tractor.

  6. My cub cadet 700 challenger was purchased in 2016. It has 1555 miles on it.
    The machine run good . But the fan quit working ,wire was not making connection.
    Now I am getting raw gas smell in cab, can’t find any leak.
    Can not find any information on this machine , Cub Cadet must want you to go to dealer for everything ,including parts.

    • Check under seat if a carb system for the vacuum fuel pump. I had same issue on my cubby and the fuel pump had a very small pin hole leak. Tight quarters to replace but fixed problem.. I know mine is not a 700 and is a few years older. I bought used had to do a lot of looking to figure out even where they stashed oil dipstick. Previous owner must had same problem as oil definitely was over due for a change, which was far from easy on garage floor.

  7. never. ever purchase a cub cadet product.

    worst customer service i have ever experienced. on top of a garbage product. steer clear. spend your money elsewhere.

    forgo the headache. the worst customer service ever. their motto is ‘deny responsibility. blame the customer’.

    i learned an expensive lesson. please, do not make the same mistake. cub cadet products suck…

    the authorized dealer refused to assume any responsibility. they only sell the inferior product.

    and i can be sure they realized that fact. i spoke to more than three cub cadet representatives, each nastier than the previous. they refused to stand behind their product. deny responsibility.

    blame the customer. they play word games. cub cadet products are overpriced inferior products. their robotic customer service representatives will not listen to reason.

    deny, deny. blame the customer.

  8. Blame the customer…. You hit the nail on the head there. 430 miles on my 700 and 4 clutches later at over $1200 each time. They say well you must be doing this or that when I know I have not. I smell lemon law on its way

  9. Yes a piece of junk. Bought it because I thought cub cadet was a great product. Boy was I wrong. First the gears in the rear started making noise. It just makes a lot of clanking noise. When going down hill it will slip out of gear into neutual. Waiting for it to fall apart. Then the parking brake quit working. Had no luck with the place we purchased they didn’t seem to care. So save your frustration and look elsewhere.

  10. Bought a 2016 and after 2 seasons has oil leak.

    Been in shop for two months *waiting for parts.

    Oil leak is from metal pipe that recycles oil thru rad to cool oil.

    They said pipe was rubbing against frame.

    Left rear tire bald (the rest are fine).

    They said too much driving on shoulder.

    Dont drive on shoulder cause because no need in this small unorganized township.


    Dont buy.

  11. bought 2015 700 challenger in october 2015. no problems till recently some electrical problem causing battery to discharge also loud clanking sound that seems to be coming from rear of vehicle has been at dealer repair where purchased for over 2 weeks they cannot seem to find electrical problem and cannot seem to find the clanking noise just now starting to look into clanking sound and suspect that it is the clutch and belt. only has about 200 or less miles on it. it shouldn’t take this long to determine what the problem is. i’ll never buy another cub cadet product very dissatisfied. machine has not been abused and from what i have been told the clutch and belt are in the 800.00 or more range dont know what electrical parts are going to cost. plus 75.00 per hour for labor and diagnostics.

  12. We have a 2015 700 Challenger. LOVE it. We have had no problems. We us it in all kinds of terrain, rocks, hills, even run over trees up to 2in when in the way. Glad we have it. If needed we would buy another one.

  13. My EPS fault indicator light on my challenger 700 is just a black square. I don’t have Power starring and I do t remember this black square being on my display. I did have a mouse chew some wire coatings in tbe battery box but I taped them ulp.
    Has this black square always been there?
    I don’t use my machine too often but it is like new. Less than50 hrs.

  14. At approx 100 miles my 700 challenger emergency brake stopped working. I found out that there was a recall on this situation only to find out that my serial number was not in the recall. I contacted the importer and ask it they would cover my machine under that recall and they said no. The cost of the parts was approx 250. I lived with putting it in reverse on a hill and prayed that it did not wonder off. Then my cam censer died and they had to pull the engine and remove the transmission to replace it. So I figured while it was in for that I would have the ebrake fixed. My bill was almost $1300. The cost of the cam censor was $169. I am now having clutch problems as many of you folks have mentioned. When going down hill it clangs and free wheels and I am a hunter and forget sneeking around the woods. It I were offered a reasonable trade in figure for it I would buy a honda, they are quiet! I do plow snow with mine and it does quite well at that.

  15. JUST PURCHASED A 700 Cub Cadet, 2016 model year and I hope for good luck which I may very well need after reading reviews. I also own a kabota utv diesel that I use for snow plowing. LOVE it. I’ll give the 700 a chance but if repairs plague me I’ ll own another kabota.

  16. Had mine a few weeks, overall lowgrade crap. Miserable customer service, selling and buying ANYTHING besides this garbage.

  17. I’ve had a 2015 Challenger 700 since early 2016, I bought it used and had zero problems…..the first year I had it! After that it would be going along just fine, then fall flat on it’s face like the coil was breaking down, or it was starving for fuel. I had it looked at and determined 2 wires on the O2 sensor were broke at the plug. He replaced the sensor and all was fine. It ran great all last seaon, now this season it’s doing the same exact thing. I put a new sensor in it, thinking that was it. Nope! I can barely move the thing 10 feet in my lawn without it falling on it’s face again. As soon as I let off the gas, it idles perfectly. Give it gas and it cuts out like it isn’t even running. Does anybody have any ideas,suggestions?

  18. We have a 2016 Challenger 700, bought new from a local Kubota dealer. Used every single day since purchased, and used hard on the farm. Pulls tow behind mower on steep hills that no tractor can reach for hours at a time. Has gone through everything we have asked. Has hauled numerous full loads of rocks, dirt, heavy chain drag up and down steep inclines.Yes sometimes going down a steep incline when first started it will slip into neutral, but not dangerous..put ur foot on the brake. You will find most reviews are from complainers, people without complaints usually dont leave reviews… go look and drive the machine ur interested in and see for urself if its for u or not. We love ours, a real workhorse.

  19. 8-17-2019 I have already posted two complaints against my challenger 700. 4months ago I had a crank sensor replaced and now it is doing the same thing, back fires when trying to start it and will no longer starts at all. In those 4 months I replaced the battery 4 times. When I get it back from the shop I am trading it on a Honda or a John Deere. It just turned 130 miles.
    PS the dealer don’t know it yet, but I will not pay for the repair…..

  20. I got a 2016 challenger 700 love the thing but it blows the 15 amp fuse to fuel pump when under power dealer I got it from found what fuse was blown the first time it blew but didn’t look into why it blew so I’ve been fighting it ever since yes it’s agervating at times but the damn thing goes everywhere I’ve put it I’m very pleased with this utv until it blows the damn fuse lol anyone got any ideas on problem

  21. I have a 2018 750 Cub Cadet Challenger that I just bought new in July 2019. It will not go in 4 wheel drive. I have checked the fuses and they are OK. Any ideas as to why this would be? Any one else have this problem?

  22. Steve Cullison. I have had it with my Challenger 700. I have a previous comment about this piece of shit and it has gotten worse. About a week ago I went to my neighbors house with my snow mobile trailer attached to it to pick up his riding tractor for repairs. It idled for about 20 seconds, stalled and started to smoke from the battery box. A bunch of the wires melted and I got the hot wire disconnected as soon as possible. I had to tow it home and found a lot of wiring was melted and proceeded to replace all of them. When finished I tried to start it and the damn thing not only was dead but the screen will not come on. I tried to jump start it and it smoked some more. Replaced the wiring again and the voltage regulator and the ecu computer and I still can not get the screen to light up or the engine to turn over. If I get it running it is going to leave my property for ever. I ask my dealer to give me $5000 as is to get rid of it and he ask me to leave his store. {no longer a customer there]

  23. Steve Cullison. I have had it with my Challenger 700. I have a previous comment about this piece of shit and it has gotten worse. About a week ago I went to my neighbors house with my snow mobile trailer attached to it to pick up his riding tractor for repairs. It idled for about 20 seconds, stalled and started to smoke from the battery box. A bunch of the wires melted and I got the hot wire disconnected as soon as possible. I had to tow it home and found a lot of wiring was melted and proceeded to replace all of them. When finished I tried to start it and the damn thing not only was dead but the screen will not come on. I tried to jump start it and it smoked some more. Replaced the wiring again and the voltage regulator and the ecu computer and I still can not get the screen to light up or the engine to turn over. If I get it running it is going to leave my property for ever. I ask my dealer to give me $5000 as is to get rid of it and he ask me to leave his store. {no longer a customer there] This is a new posting and problem.

  24. Please know that I want to like this product. I love the look of it, I really like the comfort and except for being louder than I would prefer, I would have given it a great review.

    However, 60 days in to owning my machine the shifter stuck and would not engage. So I took it back to the company that I purchased it from and they took over a month to make the repairs. Then it worked fine for the next 12 months. During that 12 months we only used it around the farm as a convenience, no big loads, no mud, no brush, etc. Maybe drove it twice a week for less than 20 minutes per and really still liked the machine.

    Then, hunting season started and I took it to the deer camp. It worked great through bow season, and through rifle season, and then just before I was ready to bring it home after the second bow season, it began to lose power. Over a 3 day hunt it simply lost speed everyday until at the last it was all I could do to get it into the trailer.

    I called the company where I purchased it from on the way home, only to find out that they were out of business. So I began a search that revealed NO OTHER DEALERS within 3 hours of me and I live in a very populated area in TX. So I took it down to the local guys who work on our tractors and lawn mowers, etc.

    They called and said it was an internal clutch (in the motor) and they did not have the ability or authority to work on it. So I spent the next two months trying to find someone who would work on it and finally found them over 3 hours away.

    But even they said that they don’t work on these anymore and stopped carrying them because of all of the inherent troubles. But the mechanic took pity on me and said that he would try since I had driven so far. 4 weeks later he called and told me that it was indeed a “wet clutch” on the interior of the motor (I guess), but the bottom line is that it will cost me over $1,000.00 to fix when the UTV only has 110 hours.

    I called Cub Cadet over a dozen times throughout this process and only once did I get to speak to anyone (after 90 minutes on hold). He told me that there was nothing he could do except help me file a complaint against the dealer who tried to refuse my repairs (but who ultimately fixed the unit).

    So maybe I got a lemon, I can assure you that I am not hard on vehicles so that is the case. But for anyone in North TX, please save yourself some heart ache and headache and avoid Cub Cadet. I will be trading this in as soon as I get it back from the mechanic (if anyone will take it), just can’t have one of these that is so hard to work on and or too hard to find people to work on.

    Hope this helps, obviously others had great experiences and that is why I say maybe I got a lemon. But even a good unit is no good if no one will work on them.

    Good luck

  25. Bought brand new 2016 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Crew in June 2017. First issue was very disappointed to discover it was a 2016 not a 2017 as they manufacture in 2016 and sell unit in 2017. To-date it only has 145 km (90 miles) on it. Did all the general maintenance which is a pain in the butt to access so many basic things ie. oil filter, reservoirs etc. Bought it for pleasure cruising as well as working on our 50 acres. Then last year we had clutch problems. After much relentless phone calling and researching discovered that this was an issue with this machine. Cub Cadet would send the replacement clutch but would not cover the installation, my husband is mechanically inclined thank goodness and did that himself as many other comments we are not close to any dealers who will work on this machine. Now it is labouring, not shifting properly, I’m getting white exhaust, poor gas mileage and a smell of gas with the backseats removed, no sign of leaks from anywhere. Wish I had sold it this spring as now it has turned into a huge headache of expensive junk that we can’t even use with worries that we will break down and certainly no help from Cub Cadet. Anyone have any ideas of what could be the cause? I have been through the service manual and checked all the lines.

  26. Just got a 16 challenger 700.. makes a noise going down hill in gear but not while in N. And the 4×4 stopped working. Anyone have this issue

  27. I bought a 2017 I love machine ,but I’m now into the second clutch ,and we have hardly used it . wife uses it around house and IV used it to get my deer’s out so been used about 10 time and clutch is not working again less than 10 hours on it .this is the only complaints i have ,other than get it fixed takes the dealers forever ,when I first got it the power steering quit and it took 2 month to get my machine back

  28. My 82 year old father purchased a 2017
    Cub Cadet Challenger 750 from Beck Implement. After a few months the engine locked up, waited months the to the new engine replaced under warranty, a couple months later it dropped a valve, waited months to get it replaced. Within the past few months the driveshaft broke and the timing chain is bad. All of these problems have caused us all to beware of ever buying a Cub Cadet Challenger 750.
    I was thinking this vehicle should be refunded as this could be used in the lemon law. I could see if some younger person had it and drive it wild but it is driven very good!
    What are your thoughts on this vehicle?!

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