Indian Start-Up Gets Funds For Low-Cost Rural UTV

Evomo Research & Advancement Pvt Ltd of India has received funds from a local business incubator for development of a low-cost rural utility vehicle. Started in 2010, Evomo, will use the unspecified amount of funds to get to a stage where it can take preorders for actual sales. The management, in part, sees the vehicle as a safety issue since it can replace many of the dangerous makeshift vehicles that are now used in many rural areas.

The Evomo UTV is an off-road vehicle for both passengers and goods in rural areas. Management claims the vehicle is legal, less polluting, handles rough terrain, can be transformed from people carrier to goods carrier and performs some of the agricultural functions like pumping water and carrying cargo. Powered by a diesel engine it has a top speed of 50-60 km/hour.

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