Tomberlin Anvil Production to Begin Next Month

Tomberlin management recently announced that production of their Anvil LSV will begin at the end of July.  Executives are promoting the vehicle this week with an appearance Monday morning on CBS’ Early Show.  The Anvil is targeted for planned communities and urban/suburban short-distance trips.  Learn more:

Modec Electric Van Selling Well

Modec recently announced a 100 vehicle order for their all electric urban delivery van.  ElecTruckCity, their new distributor based in Paris, placed the order and has already sold 40 of the vehicles to customers.  The order is worth about $4.9 million USD or approximately $49,000 per vehicle.

The electric van received EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval allowing it to be sold across Europe without gaining country by country approval.  The company is currently seeking government approval to begin sales in the United States. The vans were designed from the start as battery powered vehicles and specifically for urban use. They have a range of 100 miles, a top speed of 50mph and a 4,000 lb payload.

Modec sees great market opportunities for the vehicle as management expects to be producing the vehicle on three continents in five years and reach a total annual production of 50,000 vehicles.  Last year 100 vehicles were produced and that figure is expected to increase to 400 in 2009 and 1,200 in 2010. Learn more:

More Layoffs As Kawasaki Waits For The Good Times To Roll Again

On Monday Kawasaki Motors announced more layoffs as their consumer products division is reorganized. According to management the layoffs affect approximately 25% of the division’s office and support staff. the division produces all terrain vehicles, utility vehicles and personal watercraft and recently laid off about 300 employees. Learn more:

ExxonMobil and Electrovaya Announce LSV Sharing Program

ExxonMobil and Electrovaya just announced, AltCar, a vehicle sharing program to be based at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, MD that will use Electrovaya’s Maya 300 low speed vehicle. The fleet of five vehicles will grow to ten shortly and people will be able to rent the vehicles for the day. The Maya 300 uses Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery, which incorporates ExxonMobil Chemical’s separator film. Learn more:

Update: According to Green Energy News rental rates for the vehicles will be $14.50 per hour but decrease to $7-9 per hour if you join the sharing program.  Additional fees apply with the program.

Smith Electric Vehicles US & Altec Partner On Utility Truck

First Test Vehicle Revealed:  Smith Electric Vehicle US and Altec Industries Utility Truck

First Test Vehicle Revealed: Smith Electric Vehicle US and Altec Industries Utility Truck

Smith Electric Vehicles US (SEVUSA) and Altec Industries will work together on the development of an all electric utility truck with an aerial bucket. SEVUSA will use their Newton truck produced in Kansas City as the basic vehicle and Altec will integrate their aerial product. The utility truck is targeted for utility companies and Pacific Gas and Electric will be involved in the development of the vehicle as well. The utility company will take delivery of the first test unit and provide feedback and test data. Learn more:

All Aboard: Kubota Rides The Rails

I came across an interesting story that exemplifies the versatility and efficiency of utility vehicles that makes them so popular.  Railway services companies in the UK are purchasing Kubota RTV900’s that are modified to travel on rails. They can carry up to six workers or as few as two and a 500 kg payload.  They are also used to haul additional maintenance trailers to work sites along the railway. An initial ten such vehicles have been sold but one of the companies has already ordered an additional 22 of the modified vehicles. Learn more

ZAP Trucks Help The US Army Go Green

ZAPTruck XL Ready For Shipment

ZAPTruck XL Ready For Shipment

ZAP has begun shipping their ZAPTruck XL, an electric LSV, to the US military for use at military bases around the world.  The purchase continues the trend by the US military of moving to more fuel efficient and often smaller vehicles for specific on base applications.  The company did not provide any specific sales figures for the contract.  Learn more:

Tiger Truck Lands $11M Air Force Contract

Tiger Truck Vehicle line

Tiger Truck Vehicle line

Tiger Truck of Oklahoma recently won an $11 million GSA contract to supply the US Air Force with 863 mini-trucks.  The purchase is funded by the recent federal stimulus package since the mini-trucks will be replacing less fuel-efficient vehicles.  All the vehicles will be fueled by either gas or a gas/ethanol mix and are slated for delivery in about four months.  The recently opened Tiger Truck assembly plant employs 90 people and can produce approximately 35 vehicles per shift per day.  The company assembles the vehicles from a mix of US and foreign sourced parts.  Learn more:

Electric Utility Study Demonsrates Efficiency Of E-Z-GO’s RXV

A recent study by the utility Southern California Edison that an E-Z-GO RXV electric golf car which uses an AC drive is as much as 39% more efficient compared to standard DC drive golf cars. The RXV also features full-time regenerative braking and a PowerWise QE charger that help improve energy usage. The AC drive golf car was also reported to maintain higher performance. Learn more: