New Vehicles Entering The Market

The vibrancy of the STOV market is evidenced by the frequency in which new vehicles are entering the market, whether from new companies, existing companies expanding into new segments or exporters looking for new markets. I’ve come across the following vehicles in the past week.


EcoV LSV – The EcoV is designed by EnVironmental Transportation Solutions and will be produced and brought to market in conjunction with OEM Energy Components Group . The EcoV is fully enclosed, has range of up to 40 miles, is charged using a standard wall outlet and costs around $12,000. The launch date is undetermined at this time. Development plans also call for multi-passenger utility vehicles, a pick-up and and delivery trucks. Learn more:

Columbia Crossline LSV at the Washingotn DC Auto Show

Columbia Crossline LSV – From the Washington DC Auto Show we learn that Columbia Parcar is working on a new LSV targeting the personal transportation segment. Currently called the Crossline, the fully enclosed LSV was designed with France-based Aixam Mega, a leading producer of microcars. The vehicle is being tested with AGM batteries and may be available by the end of the year with an MSRP under $20,000. The vehicle is likely to compete directly with Tomberlin’s offerings in this segment. Learn more:

Goupil Industrie Utility Truck

Goupil Industrie Utility Trucks – From the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi we have utility trucks produced by Goupil Industrie of France. The company currently manufacturers two tip-trucks that are popular with universities and the like, as well as box vans for delivery purposes.  The vehicles use a bank of 24 two-volt batteries and have a range of 50 to 60 miles.  They retail for the equivalent of about 25,000 USD.  With sales currently concentrated in France and Europe the company is looking for distributors in other markets.  Learn more:

GEM Reaches Milestone

Global Electric Motorcars recently announced that the company has produced over 40,000 vehicles.  The Chrysler owned company estimates that CO2 output has been cut by more than 93,000 tons through the replacement of gas powered vehicles with the electric powered GEMS.  Learn more:

STOV Technology Developments

I came across some new technology developments that have potential applications in the STOV market.

EV Platform for STOV Applications

Trexa EV Platform

The first is a new lithium-powered all-wheel-drive platform developed by Trexa.  One area the company is specifically targeting with the platform is STOV for commercial, military and municipal fleets.  The platform is made with with carbon steel tubing, aluminum and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.  Trexa claims the lithium iron phosphate battery system is capable of range up to 105 miles with dual motors and a top speed of 100 mph.  The platform features a built-in 6 kW charger  that recharges the batteries in four hours and has the flexibility to accommodate other charging options.  Learn more:

Ultracapacitor Cells for EV Applications

Ioxus, Inc. has introduced a new family of electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) for transportation and utility applications.  The company claims the 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad (F) ultracapacitors are smaller in size with increased energy and power density than others on the market.  The products can be used as the only energy storage device or in combination with other devices such as batteries.  According to the company the 1,000F unit offers the same maximum power as competitive 1,200F products with 24% less volume.  This size is targeted towards golf-car type vehicles and utility vehicles.  Learn more:

New Vehicle Introductions from Case IH & Polaris

Case IH compact Scout UTV

Case IH has introduced a new lineup of Scout utility vehicles targeting the farm segment.  The lineup includes a compact, two-passenger 14-hp (10-kW) gasoline-powered version and an XL version, which is available in two- and four-passenger configurations, with 23-hp (17-kW) gas or 20-hp (15-kW) diesel engines.  Learn more:

Ranger Crew 800 Limited Edition - Sunset Red with electronic power steering

Polaris Industries has introduced a new lineup of limited edition utility vehicles.  Beyond cosmetic upgrades such a new paint schemes some models include performance upgrades such as the Ranger Crew and Ranger RZR with electronic power steering and a 50-inch Ranger RZR with a premium Walker Evans shock package. 2010 Limited Edition models include:

  • 2010 RANGER 800 XP EPS LE-Sage Green
  • 2010 RANGER 800 XP LE-Turbo Silver
  • 2010 RANGER 800 XP EPS LE-Nuclear Sunset
  • 2010 RANGER 800 XP LE-Browning Edition with Pursuit® Camo
  • 2010 RANGER 800 CREW LE-Sunset Red with Electronic Power Steering
  • 2010 RANGER 800 CREW LE-Sunset Red with Electronic Power Steering
  • 2010 RANGER RZR LE-Walker Evans
  • 2010 RANGER RZR LE-Pearl White
  • 2010 RANGER RZR S LE-Purple Thunder

Learn more:

South Korea Opens Roads To NEVS

In line with a previous announcement to target the development of electric vehicles, the Ministry Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs posted revisions to road use regulations that will allow for the operation of NEVs on public roads.

…NEVs, electric vehicles with less than 60 kilometers per hour maximum speed that weigh less than 1,100 kilograms, will be allowed to run on roads designated by the mayors of local administrative authorities…

In addition, NEV crash tests will be conducted at 40 km/hr instead of the standard 48.3 km/hr.  Learn more:

Charging Stations Gaining Momentum

Over the last year there have been a number of stories regarding the installation of charging stations. There seems to be an upward trend with regards to charging stations. One example of this is in Hawaii where Green Energy Outlet has just opened up a new charging station. Initially it will be free for electric vehicles such as electric bikes, mopeds, Segways and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). Later users will be able to pay by either waving a smart card (RFID) in front of the device, or by placing a Toll Free call to activate the charge. Learn more:

Another story tells about the Lehigh Valley Mall where three outlets are provided for use by hybrid electric vehicles. Learn more:

UPDATE: Coulomb Technologies Installs Charging Stations in Washington: Coulomb Technologies recently announced the installation of their Chargepoint Networked Charging Station at a supermarket in Washington. Charging is free and hopes are that some of the approximately 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles in Washington, which includes conversions, plug-in hybrid conversions, neighborhood electric vehicles and electric motorbikes will be able to use the station. The close proximity of many electric vehicle owners and the fact that the many o the supermarkets customers shop multiple times per week factored into the location decision. Learn more:

Company News

Global Electric Motorcars – Has produced a commercial to promote their vehicles and the federal tax incentives that are currently available for them.  Learn more & see the commercial:

Valence Technology – Has won a $3.1 million contract to supply the Tanfield Group’s Smith Electric Vehicles with lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries for their electric trucks.  The company also supplies batteries for Tanfield’s joint venture in the US, Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation, that makes similar trucks.  Learn more:

CT&T – Bavarian Luxury Auto Sales LLC has become the first dealer to carry their vehicles in South Carolina, the e-Zone LSV.  Learn more: Comment: – What is interesting is that while CT&T has generated a lot of press I have not come across too much hard evidence related to actual vehicle sales.  This may be  a start. – Marc Cesare

Polaris Introduces Four-Seat Sport UTV

Polaris Ranger RZR 4 - Robby Gordon Edition

Polaris has introduced the Ranger RZR 4 Robby Gordon Edition, a four-seat UTV targeting the recreational market.  Identifying an opportunity for a vehicle with a  significantly lower price point than an expensive sand car or rail, Polaris teamed up with Robby Gordon to produce this industry first four seat sport side-by-side.  Key features include:

  • 800 Twin Cylinder High Output EFI Engine
  • Industry-Leading 12 in. (30.5 cm.) Long-Travel Suspension
  • Fox Podium X® 2.0 Racing Shocks with Piggyback Reservoirs
  • Rolled Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Maxxis® Bighorn® 26 in. Radial Tires With 12 in. Aluminum Rims
  • Top Speed – 61 mp

The vehicle has an MSRP of $14,999.

Learn more:

Arizona Promising Stronger Enforcement of OHV Laws

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is increasing their enforcement efforts to ensure compliance with off-highway vehicle(OHV) laws.  In Arizona OHVs are required to have decals but the department reports that less than 25% of OHVs have them.  The annual decals cost $25 and are part of a program that started in January, 2009.  The program covers most ATVs, utility vehicles, dirt bikes and some sand rails and revenues pay for information booklets and riding maps as well as clean up and restoration efforts.  Learn more:

Polaris Defense Introduces LSV For Military Market

New Polaris EV LSV For The Military Market

Earlier this week Polaris Industries Defense division introduced the Polaris EV LSV which is targeting the military market and other government agencies.  The vehicle is based on the Range EV utility vehicle.  Key features besides basic LSV requirements include:

  • 48 volt AC induction motor with 30 horsepower
  • 50 mile range and 25 mph top speed
  • Three driving modes:  High for speed, Low for towing and hauling, and Max for maximum range
  • 1,000-pound payload capacity
  • 1,250 lbs. of towing capacity

The Polaris EV LSV will enable the company to bid for the contracts that the various US Armed Forces have started to award for LSVs.  These contracts could be for as many as 30,000 vehicles over the next 5 to 10 years. Columbia ParCar has won contracts for almost 1,000 LSVs in the past year.  In presentations for investors Polaris has pointed to the military market a an important growth driver for the company.  Learn more:

On a related  note, in October, 2009 Polaris Defense was awarded a $2.4 million contract by the National Guard Bureau for their Ranger 800 Crew utility vehicles.  This contract probably represents about 200 vehicles.  Learn more:

Comment: This vehicle introduction continues a trend of utility vehicle manufacturers making their rough terrain utility vehicles LSV compliant.  Others that have done so previously include Bad Boy Enterprises, Stealth, HuntVe and Titan.  You might consider these crossover LSVs.  Although this market is in part driven by recent government tax cuts, I believe the need is real for a versatile vehicle that can handle rough terrain as well as street duties.  While Polaris is targeting the military market, their vehicle can easily be sold into this crossover market on the consumer side. – Marc Cesare