Kawasaki Accessories Sponsors UTVUnderground.com

The Kawasaki Accessories Group recently announced sponsorship of the website UTVUnderground.com, an enthusiast site for the sport UTV community.  The Group has developed a line of accessories specifically for the Teryx aftermarket.

Kawasaki recently introduced their 2011 Performance Parts catalog featuring new products from Beard, Dalton Industries, Dragonfire Racing, Dynatek, Funco, ITP, and Speed Industries. In addition, Kawasaki has introduced complete replacement engine assemblies to help competition drivers who require spare “crate motors” to meet their racing goals.

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E-Z-GO News

E-Z-Go Offers Camo Pattern – E-Z-GO is now offering a mossy oak camouflage pattern for some of their ST model UTVs.

Several Mossy Oak patterns, including Break-Up, Shadow Grass, Obsession, Duck Blind and Bottomland, are available as options on the E-Z-GO ST Sport 2+2, ST 400 and ST 480 trail-utility vehicles. Owners of existing E-Z-GO ST vehicles also can upgrade their trucks with bodies and cowls in Mossy Oak camouflage patterns.

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Textron Sells E-Z-GO Distribution Finance Program – TCF Inventory Finance recently announced plans to purchase Textron Financial Corporation’s E-Z-GO distribution finance program.  The subsidiary of Wayzata-based TCF National Bank currently provides financing programs to retailers in the consumer electronics, household appliances, and lawn and garden industries in the US and Canada.  Learn more:  TCBmag.blogs.com

STOV Manufacturers Report Earnings

In the past few weeks a number of publicly traded STOV manufacturers have reported earnings. While the economic downturn has significantly impacted the market, both Polaris and Arctic Cat report gaining market share in ATVs and UTVs during this time. Both companies have also embarked on programs to develop more frequent dealer ordering cycles to reduce dealer inventories and better react to market demands by creating a more desirable model mix at the retail point of sale.

Arctic Cat reported that through the first half of the year the ATV sales declined 20% but in the side by side market some segments have actually shown growth. Artic Cat reports gaining market share in both the ATV and UTV markets.

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Polaris reported in their earnings call with analysts that the ATV market was down more than 15% while the side by side market was making some gains. Management expects the economic recovery to be choppy. Polaris reports taking market share in the ATV and UTV markets while Honda and Yamaha are struggling. The LSV market has been smaller than expected in the short term, but management expects it to be a growing niche market that they are taking the time to learn before developing growth strategies.

Polaris is also starting to roll out vehicles for their partnership with Bobcat. The initial dealer reception to the vehicles has been positive. An offshoot of that development program was the addition of diesel powered vehicles in the Polaris line-up targeting work customers in North America and global markets as well as the military market where diesel is the fuel of choice. Yanmar is providing Polaris with diesel engines. The electric Ranger LSV serves the military market as well. During the call management also noted that some production had been moved to Mexico since much of their growth in the US is occurring in the southern part of the country.

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Road Use Regulations Roundup – August, 2010

Some trends in this latest regulation roundup:

  • More public road access for mini-trucks, UTVs and less frequently ATVs
  • More public road access for golf cars which, if it becomes more widespread, could reduce demand for LSVs.
  • Some municipalities rejecting use of golf cars and off road vehicles on public roads because of safety concerns

San Juan Islands, WA – Bill passed state senate that will allow NEVs on roads with speed limits up to 45 mph. In some cases the use of NEVs had been limited because a short drive on higher speed roads were required for local trips.

Nebraska – A bill is moving through the legislature that would allow the use of golf cars or LSVs during daytime on streets with speed limits up to 35 mph.

Wisconsin – Governor signed a bill in March that allows farmers to use light utility vehicles, like Gators, on roadways for agricultural purposes.

Chillicothe, MO – City council passed an ordinance that allows golf cars and UTVs on city streets. Drivers of the vehicles must be insured and registered.

Cedaredge, CO – The municipality which allows NEVs on local low speed roads is considering allowing golf cars as well.

Englewood, CO – The city council is considering a law that would allow LSVs and golf cars on city streets.

Carlton County, MN – The county board approved the use of mini-trucks on county roads.

Highland City, UT – ATVs have been approved for use on city streets. Under city regulations mini-trucks are considered ATVs and were the original impetus for the ordinance.

Lyon County, MN – An ordinance was drafted earlier this year to allow golf cars, ATVs and mini-trucks on some public roads. Permitting of vehicles would be left to local municipalities.

Otter Tail County, MN – Officials are re-examining the use of mini-trucks on country roads. Previously they declined to allow their use.

Williamsville, IL – Considering ordinance allowing the use of golf cars and ATVs on municipal streets.

Creston, IL – Village board is developing an ordinance to allow golf cars and utility vehicles, but not ATVS, on city streets.

Mason City, IA – City council is considering ordinance allowing the use of ATVs on city streets but support is mixed.

Carman, Manitoba, Canada – The town is developing a pilot project to test the use of LSVs on town streets.

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada – The city council rejected a proposed law to allow LSVs on city streets citing safety concerns.

Tampa Bay, FL – Golf cars will remain illegal to drive on public streets on Davis Island.

Clare City, MI – The city council voted to keep a ban against allowing off-road vehicles on city streets. While the county allows their use, municipalities do so on an individual basis and the city council had safety concerns.

Seoul, Korea – In April a law went into effect allowing NEVs on certain designated roads.