Kawasaki Mule Pro FX Reviews

Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro FX on test ride at Paso Robles, CA

2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro FX on test ride at Paso Robles, CA

Kawasaki introduced the Mule Pro FX line for model year 2016 and it includes four models:  the base model, an EPS model, an EPS model in Camo and a LE or limited edition model. A Ranch Edition was added for the 2017 model year. Features on the base model include:

  • 812cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, engine with fuel injection
  • Selectable 4WD with dual-mode rear differential
  • CVT with high and low range
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension
  • 8.7″/8.5″ of front/rear suspension travel
  • 25″ Maxxis tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 10.4″ of ground clearance
  • 1,000 lb. cargo bed capacity
  • Fits full-size pallet
  • 2,000 lb. towing capacity
  • Multi-function digital display

The 2017 models are similar to 2016 models. Prices range from $11,999 to $14,999 for the FX Ranch Edition.

Overall the reviews of the Kawasaki Mule Pro FX are very positive. Some of the common takeaways across the reviews include:

  • Good suspension delivers a comfortable ride
  • Powerful engine with smooth response and minimal noise
  • Large cargo bed
  • Comfortable cabin
  • Good brakes
  • Power steering is very good
  • Seating could be improved
  • Tilt steering with EPS model is preferred
  • Good work vehicle that is also capable on the trails

www.utvdriver.com – Test ride in Pasa Robles, California hills

  • Spacious cab
  • Wide perforated brake medal for wet or muddy conditions
  • Tilt steering only available on the EPS model
  • Comfortable
  • More seat bolstering needed
  • “The power delivery is very linear as well as effective yet it seems to have reached its peak by half to three quarter throttle so this might be an additional request.”
  • “…many great features and is sure to be a very useful tool…”

www.rideapart.com – Test ride in Pasa Robles, California hills of Mule Pro FX EPS and FXT Ranch Edition (FXT is a six passenger version)

  • Interior is comfortable and well laid out
  • Like the tilt steering wheel
  • “In two-wheel rear wheel drive mode, both vehicles are a hoot.”
  • 4WD drive worked well up steep inclines and through water
  • Overall good power steering but a “tad loose for performance driving”
  • Smooth and linear power delivery
  • Top speed of about 45 mph
  • 26″ Duro off-road tires (EPS model) provided good traction
  • Hydraulic disc brakes worked well in emergency stops and downhill but engine braking could be better
  • Could not bottom out suspension
  • Mule Pro FX preferred because of lighter weight, better acceleration, bigger cargo area, versatility and lower cost
  • Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition better for more work oriented applications

www.fieldandstream.com – Test ride in Pasa Robles, California hills of Mule Pro FX EPS

  • Responsive engine
  • Easy access for engine maintenance
  • Like the built-in dividers and headache rack in the cargo bed
  • Cabin is comfortable but bolstered seats would be better
  • Engine noise is minimal and even less with cab system
  • No trouble handling rougher terrain and handled unexpected obstacles well
  • Good brakes

www.atvillustrated.com – Test ride in Pasa Robles, California hills of Mule Pro FX EPS

  • Like the styling – “The overall look is tough and ready for business.”
  • Half doors are nice but could open a little further for easier ingress/egress
  • Spacious cabin with well laid out controls and nice display
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Molded seats would be better than flat bench
  • Tight turning radius makes it nimble on trails
  • Improved suspension over previous Mules is better for trail riding
  • “On the trail the mule is so easy to drive it could almost be called intuitive.”
  • Capable climber and plenty of engine power for steeper gradients but some slippage on loose material
  • Excellent power steering
  • “…good balance between the fully loaded and unloaded ride characteristics”
  • Good tracking in rough terrain and absorbs large bumps well
  • Overall a good work vehicle that also performs well on the trails

www.outdoorhub.com – Test ride in Pasa Robles, California hills of Mule Pro FX EPS

  • Good throttle response and lots of torque
  • Large cargo bed
  • Good engine braking
  • Air filter remained clean under dusty conditions
  • 4WD and 26″ Duro tires worked well on steep sections
  • Top speed close to 45 mph
  • Good farm or ranch work vehicle but also capable on the trails

Video walkaround/review from Mainland Cycle Center

  • Great suspension and ride
  • Large cargo capacity and huge cargo bed
  • Convenient and easy to open half doors
  • Top speed 46 mph
  • Great running motor, good power and we have had no troubles with this model
  • 3 year warranty

Hunters Forum

  • Nice ride – better than older Mules
  • Large cargo bed
  • Good power
  • No problems reported
  • “Only complaint I have is the darn thing is so comfortable everybody wants to take it.”


Polaris General 1000 EPS Reviews

Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

The base model General 1000 EPS is Indy Red with an MSRP of $15,999.

The base model General 1000 EPS is Indy Red with an MSRP of $16,299.

The Polaris General 1000 EPS was developed by Polaris to fill the void between the RZR lineup designed for recreational riding and the Ranger lineup designed primarily for work or utility applications with some recreational use. The General sits in the middle as more of a true recreational-utility crossover vehicle.

The General 1000 EPS is powered by a 100 hp, 999cc ProStar engine with EFI and engine braking system standard. It also has On-Demand True AWD/2WD/ VersaTrac Turf Mode. The high performance close ratio AWD will automatically engage all four wheels when more traction is needed and then revert back to 2WD when more traction is no longer needed. Other features include:

  • Broad torque range – 65 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 12.25″/13.2″ of front/rear suspension travel
  • 12″ of ground clearance
  • Front and rear sway bars and dual rate springs to maintain clearance under load
  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • 27″ Maxxis Coronado tires
  • Cast aluminum wheels
  • 600 lb. capacity dump cargo bed
  • 1,500 lb. towing capacity
  • LED lighting
  • Half doors
  • Bolstered bucket seats
  • Tilt steering
  • Adjustable drive seat
  • MSRP:  $16,299

Compared to the Ranger XP 1000 EPS the General offers less cargo and towing capacity but more horsepower, more speed, more suspension travel, half doors and larger tires.

The following are some of the comments from various expert and user reviews of the Polaris General 1000 EPS. Some common themes across the reviews include:

  • General is a good crossover vehicle that handles both trail riding and work applications
  • Powerful and fast with good torque
  • Interior comfort and ergonomics better than RZR and Ranger with nice seats and instrument cluster
  • Doors protect against the elements well and allow for easy ingress/egress
  • Good suspension and ride

www.utvguide.net – Test ride for a day in New Mexico

  • Suspension borrowed from RZR S 900/1000 works well and many aftermarket parts are available for customizing
  • Good engine power and torque and placement behind cab limits noise
  • Comfortable and roomy seats
  • Well proportioned bed for the range of crossover uses
  • Doors work great and offer protection from elements
  • Well positioned instrument cluster
  • No turf mode (Note: This doesn’t seem to be true as the specs list Versa Trac Turf Mode)
  • Would prefer a larger tire size for rock crawling and clearance in the desert or mud riding
  • Better equipped versions like the Deluxe edition are pricey
  • Overall the General fills a hole in Polaris offerings and the overall feature set is better than competitors.

www.fourwheeler.com – Day of test riding near Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • “Great for dirt sport enthusiasts who need a versatile, all-wheel-drive utilitarian side-by-side.”
  • Low-range gearing worked well on steep inclines and rocky trail conditions
  • Speed reached 60+ mph even at elevation
  • AWD “terrific” for trail riding
  • “…Quite capable of traversing snow, mud, sand and other terrain and doing so with ease…”
  • Agile, powerful and fun to drive
  • Roomier interior than the RZR or Ranger
  • Comfortable seats
  • Seats and center console an improvement over the RZR and Ranger
  • Doors provide good protection from the elements and offer better ingress/egress than the RZR or Ranger
  • Solid at soaking up bumps on the trail
  • Rides level and has sway bars to reduce body roll
  • Engine Braking System performed well
  • Hydraulic assist dump bed is selling point
  • Really good choice for a crossover vehicle

Dirttraxtelevision Video – Review of Polaris General 1000 EPS Deluxe

  • Deluxe version with FOX QS3 is great because of the easy to adjust 3-position shocks for soft, medium or firm.
  • Rides great – plush suspension but avoids bottoming out
  • Awesome power and excellently tuned clutches
  • Good torque
  • Close to 80 mph on top end
  • Seat position more upright than RZR but more laid back than Ranger
  • Easy ingress and egress with doors
  • Instrument panel moves with tilt steering
  • “Highest quality and best laid out interior from Polaris, ever” and more car like than any side-by-side on the market
  • Center console cover is not padded and is slippery as an armrest
  • Performs both recreational and work applications well

User Video – Polaris General 1000 walk around and short drive

  • Tops out at 71 mph
  • Comments on video
    • 0-60 mph took 7.0 seconds
    • Good crossbreed between RZR and Ranger
    • Better seating and more legroom than RZR

www.polarisgeneralforum.com – Comments from various users on General and in comparison to Honda Pioneer 1000. It is the 2016 Polaris General being discussed.

  • Car like dash and controls
  • Better seats than Pioneer – feel like you are sitting in the seat rather than on it
  • Quick
  • Sportier than Pioneer
  • Nicer than the RZR 900
  • Long discussion on the Polaris AWD system with auto-locking front differential vs. manual locking front differential in the context of more difficult riding such as rock crawling

BRP Unveils Race-Inspired Can-Am Maverick X3 at Phoenix International Raceway

Can-Am Maverick X3 Daytona

The new Can-Am Maverick X3 with Daytona Package.

From BRP Press Release

BRP unveiled a race-inspired Can-Am Maverick X3 Daytona Package during the Can-Am 500, the NASCAR Sprint Cup race being held at Phoenix International Raceway this week-end. Inspired by race fans, the vehicle combines leading Maverick X3 performance and design characteristics along with a distinctly stock-car appearance.

“It’s a privilege to welcome BRP, a world leader in the powersports industry, to Phoenix International Raceway with its strong Can-Am brand,” said Joie Chitwood III, Chief Operating Officer of International Speedway Corporation. “Can-Am has made a solid commitment towards motorsports and the unveiling of the Can-Am Maverick X3 Daytona Package is another evidence of this commitment.”

The defiantly-designed, precise and powerful Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle is built to conquer even the most demanding terrain. With its 154-hp turbocharged inline 3-cylinder Rotax engine and the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds, the vehicle is all about performance, which is something all race fans appreciate.

“With the Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicle, we set a goal to deliver a clear leader in the sport segment, and our teams worked together and produced a bold vehicle with incredible looks, agility and performance,” said José Boisjoli, BRP’s president and CEO. “We believe race fans will enjoy this dedicated Daytona-inspired look.”

Sponsorship renewed for the 2017 and 2018 seasons

BRP’s Can-Am brand will be present on the NASCAR circuit for the next two years through its collaboration with the GoFAS No.32 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, in association with the Kappa and Cyclops Gear brands. The agreement provides Can-Am with the opportunity to sponsor 36 races, 13 as primary sponsor.

The agreement includes two race title sponsorships– the Can-Am Duel at Daytona and the Can-Am 500 in Phoenix for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Learn more:  BRP.com

Hisun Adds Sector Crew Models

Hisun Sector 1000 Crew

The new Sector 1000 Crew from Hisun builds out their work-recreational product line.

Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

Hisun Sector 750 Crew

The new Sector 750 Crew from Hisun.

Hisun Motors recently added two new Crew models to their Sector line of utility vehicles. The Sector 750 and the Sector 1000 expands Hisun’s work-recreational product lineup. Hisun’s 4-passenger Sector Crew series feature 4-wheel independent nitrogen suspension, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic assisted dump bed, bench seating and Electronic Power Steering. Each model features a 350 lb. capacity cargo bed and 1,200 lb. towing capacity. The new Crews come standard with roofs, windshields, turn signals, aluminum rims, and a 4500 lb. winch.

Compared to the 1000 Crew the 750 Crew has a smaller engine, slightly less ground clearance and 26″ rather than 27″ wheels. The Sector 750 Crew MSRP is $12,499 and the Sector 1000 Crew MSRP is $15,999. Hisun is following a similar pattern to other manufacturers of starting with a lineup of two-seat vehicles and then adding a crew version.

After being a contract manufacturer for a number of other brands, Hisun has been making a bigger push of late to develop their own vehicle brand. An important part of their dealer network are Rural King farm and home stores located primarily in the upper Midwest.

SVR recently added the complete array of Hisun utility vehicles to our vehicle database. This includes the sport oriented Strike product line as well as the Sector product line. If you are a Hisun dealer and not already in our dealer database you can add your listing for free.


NHTSA: New Sound Requirement For LSVs

Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

The all new 2016 GEM e2.

New NHTSA regulations will require LSVs like the GEM e2 to emit sounds at low speeds to alert pedestrians.

New National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations will add a sound requirement to hybrids and electric light-duty vehicles to make them easier to perceive. The requirement mandates that hybrids and electric cars with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less must emit an audible sound when traveling at speeds of of approximately 19 miles per hour or less and when moving forward or in reverse. The regulation will apply to low speed vehicles. According to NHTSA,

“The new federal safety standard will help pedestrians who are blind, have low vision, and other pedestrians detect the presence, direction and location of these vehicles when they are traveling at low speeds, which will help prevent about 2,400 pedestrian injuries each year once all hybrids in the fleet are properly equipped….Manufacturers have until Sept. 1, 2019, to equip all new hybrid and electric vehicles with sounds that meet the new federal safety standard. Half of new hybrid and electric vehicles must be in compliance one year before the final deadline.”

At first glance the regulation does not cover golf cars, even tough in many areas they are allowed to operate on local streets. From NHTSA’s point of view a golf car is not a street legal vehicle, and therefore not regulated as a motor vehicle. LSVs, on the other hand, are street legal and regulated. A gray area may be modified golf cars which may meet LSV requirements but are not purposely manufactured as LSVs. I spoke with Thomas Healy in NHTSA’s legal office and a key determining factor is the speed of the vehicle. If a vehicle’s top speed is not more than 20 mph then it is not considered a motor vehicle. However, a golf car modified to meet Federal LSV requirements and modified to have a top speed over 20 mph may technically fall under this new regulation.

I also spoke with a dealer that sells LSVs to both colleges and consumers. The colleges like the idea of these vehicles having sound as a safety feature, since they are often navigating a campus environment crowded with pedestrians. A key reason colleges purchase LSVs rather than golf cars are the vehicle’s safety features. On the other hand, according to the dealer, consumers do not like the idea of constantly hearing a noise, especially at night. In fact, one of the reasons they like electric powered LSVs is their quiet operation. The irony is the regulation could incentivize LSV owners to drive faster, maintaining a speed over 19 mph as much as possible to avoid emitting the sound.

I also spoke with a public safety officer at The Villages in Florida. They have thousands of golf cars and LSVs and many miles of multi-modal paths. He stated that the lack of noise from electric powered vehicles did not stand out as a significant safety issue. In part, he suggested that the level of awareness among residence is a mitigating factor. With the large number of golf cars and LSVs operating in the community, as well as the multi-modal paths, residents have a heightened awareness of their surroundings and the dangers while traveling on foot. He also suggested that a safety sound emanating from so many vehicles could prove to be very annoying.

Learn more:  NHTSA.org (Press Release)

Learn more:  NHTSA Quiet Car Rule (PDF)

Bad Boy Off Road Launches Stampede XTR

By Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

Bad Boy Off Road Stampede XTR EPS

The new four-passenger Stampede XTR EPS from Bad Boy Off Road.

Bad Boy Off Road Stampede XTR EPS+

The Bad Boy Off Road Stampede XTR EPS+ features Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires and aluminum alloy wheels.

Bad Boy Off Road has added a four-passenger model to their Stampede line, the Stampede XTR. The Stampede XTR comes with an extended cab, under seat storage and a total of 30 cubic feet of storage. Like other Stampede models, the XTR is powered by an 80hp, 846cc, 4-stroke gas engine with electronic fuel injection and has selectable all-wheel-drive. Other features of the Stampede XTR include:

  • Electronic power steering
  • Four-wheel independent, double A-arm suspension
  • 9.5″/10.5″ of front/rear suspension travel
  • 11.25″ of ground clearance
  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with dual piston calipers
  • Automatic locking overrunning clutch in front and selectable locking differential in the rear
  • 600 lb. cargo bed capacity
  • 2,000 lb. towing capacity
  • Hi/Low Headlights
  • Front steel brush guard
  • 5.25- x 3.25-inch LCD display

There are two versions of the Stampede XTR, the Stampede XTR EPS and the Stampede XTR EPS+. The latter version swaps out 26″ Kenda Off-road Performance tires on steel wheels for 27″ Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires on aluminum alloy wheels. The EPS+ also features color-accented contoured bench seats and comes in Jet Black, Electric Blue or Platinum. The MSRP for the EPS+ version is $16,799. The EPS version comes in Jet Black, Inferno Red, Forest Green or an optional RealTree Xtra Camo, and has an MSRP of $15,999. Learn more:  Badboyoffroad.com

Comment:  Clearly Textron Specialized Vehicles is making a strong push into the utility vehicle market as they have fairly quickly followed up their initial Stampede series launch with the addition of this crew version. They have also developed a fair number of accessories for the the Stampede lineup. It will be interesting to see how much they continue to develop the electric powered models under the Bad Boy Off Road brand. I suspect more resources will be going towards expanding the Stampede line and/or developing a more recreational oriented gas powered product line, as electric powered UTVs have more limited appeal.

Arctic Cat Reports Q2 2017 Results

By Marc Cesare, Smallvehicleresource.com

The 2017 Wildcat X from Arctic Cat with RG Pro suspension.

The 2017 Wildcat X from Arctic Cat with RG Pro suspension is expected to help drive sales in the second half of the fiscal year.

Arctic Cat reported financial results for the fiscal 2017 second quarter ended September 30, 2016. The company reported a loss of $12.8 million on sales of $164.6 million compared to net earnings of $11.2 million and sales of $211.2 million in the prior-year quarter. Management pointed to a softer powersports market, as well as lower sales volume, unfavorable product mix and heightened promotional environment as factors. Sales of ATVs and side-by-sides totaled $44.0 million for the quarter, down 37.8 percent compared to prior-year sales of $70.8 million. Year-to-date sales totaled $87.8 million, down 29 percent from $123.6 million in the prior-year first half.

The following are some highlights from the earnings call related to side-by-sides:

  • Weakness in oil, gas and agriculture sectors contributed to softer sales
  • ATV and SxS retail sales decreased approximately 4% in the second quarter versus an industry that was down low single-digits. Wholesale sales decreased further as management is trying to reduce dealer inventory levels.
  • New products including those designed with Robby Gordon have been released, and a third wave of models this fiscal year will be introduced by late February
  • The company has added 28 top-tier dealers to their network but is likely to miss their target of 75 for the fiscal year. Net dealer add is flat.
  • For the short term management anticipates continued market softness, competitiveness and foreign currency headwinds
  • ATV/SxS sales are expected to be flat to down mid-single digits for the full year but up in the second half driven by new product introductions.
  • The company announced two new strategic partnerships for developing products for adjacent markets but cannot release more details, including whether they involve SxSs.

Learn more:  Seekingalpha.com (Earnings call transcript)

Road Use Regulation Roundup: November 2016

golf cart signThe following is a summary of some of the road use regulations for golf cars, LSVs, ATVs and UTVs that have been passed or are being considered at the state, county and city levels since August 2016.

Some trends in this latest regulation roundup:

  • Almost all of the regulation activity is occurring at the city level
  • Most of the ordinances are being considered but have not been passed yet.
  • Most of the ordinances concern allowing UTVs on city streets and a few concern golf cars or low-speed vehicles.
  • One city repealed an ordinance allowing utility vehicles on city streets because of safety concerns.

Nashville, TN – Elkhart County Commissioners passed an ordinance which would allow golf carts on all non-numbered county roads. The ordinance as proposed would allow the use of golf carts in all of the unincorporated areas of the county with the exception of numbered county roads, which for the most part would restrict their use to residential subdivisions. Vehicles could be used only from sunrise to sunset. The ordinance also regulates LSVs.

Kearney, MO – The city is considering a citizen’s request to allow the use of ATVs within the city. UTVs are already allowed. There is some concern by officials about the safety of ATVs being operated among larger vehicles such as trucks.

Fort Scott, KS – City officials are drafting an ordinance that will allow UTVs to be used on city streets. The police chief researched similar UTV ordinances in nearby communities and recommended that they be operated by licensed drivers at least 18 years of age and restrictions in place for certain city streets. There was some discussion on the speed of UTVs and whether tires on the vehicles are strictly for off-road use and would have proper traction on city streets. The city already has a golf car ordinance in place.

St. Augustine, FL – The City Commission passed new definitions and standards for low-speed vehicles like golf cars. They also discussed safety issues of using low-speed vehicles, golf cars and ScootCoupes (3-wheeled vehicles that can travel up to 40 mph) on certain roads. They are planning on analyzing the use of these same vehicles on a for-profit basis.

Hapeville, GA – The city is considering regulations to promote the use of low-speed vehicles and/or golf cars.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada – The city is considering the use of ATVs and UTVs on municipal roads similar to other nearby municipalities.

Jasper, IN – The Jasper Police Department plans to increase enforcement of golf cars on city streets.

Landis, NC – The North Carolina Department of Transportation denied town requests to change the speed limits on two streets. In August, Landis made the request to lower the speed limit on both roads — along with several others — from 45 mph to 35 mph in order to allow golf carts and other low-speed vehicles to travel within the city limits.

Garner, IA – The City Council is considering an ordinance that will allow the use of ATVs and UTVs on city streets.

Kansas – The Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission is considering regulations that will allow golf cars and UTVs to be used on state park roads between sunrise and sunset.

Great Bend, KS – The City Council passed ordinances that would allow ‘micro-utility’ trucks on city streets. These vehicles are defined as any motor vehicle which is not less than 48 inches in width, has an overall length, including the bumper, of not more than 106 inches, has an unloaded weight, including fuel and fluids, of more than 1,500. Golf cars or all-terrain vehicles are not included.

New Hampton, IA – The City Council is likely to pass an ordinance that will allow golf cars and utility vehicles.

Festus, MO – Citing safety issues, the City Council repealed an ordinance passed last year that allowed utility vehicles to be used on city streets.

Nashville, TN – The Metro Transportation Licensing Commission voted to restrict pedal taverns, pedicabs and other pedal carriages as well as low-speed vehicles from operating between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Congestion and safety concerns were the reasons.


2017 Arctic Cat Wildcat X Models

The 2017 Wildcat X from Arctic Cat with RG Pro suspension.

The 2017 Wildcat X from Arctic Cat with RG Pro suspension.

Arctic Cat Wildcat X Limited

The Wildcat X Limited adds full doors, front and rear aluminum bumpers and a molded roof.

Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X

The four-seat Wildcat 4X rounds out the lineup.

Arctic Cat recently unveiled their 2017 Wildcat X, X Limited and 4X models. The first two are two-passenger models and the latter 4-passenger.  One of the key features of the 2017 Wildcat lineup is the RG Pro suspension. The RG stands for Robby Gordon who helped develop the new models. The suspension includes a rear trailing arm similar to what Gordon used on his off-road Dakar Hummers. The trailing arms allow the wheel to trail up and down. Compared to competitive vehicles the Wildcat X will hop around less and the tire patch will tend to remain in the same location, and this translates into more speed through the bumps. Other features include larger diameter tie-rods, King shocks, race-inspired ROPS with additional front braces, stronger chassis and KMC aluminum wheels with 27″ ITP Ultracross tires. (Gordon talks about the suspension)

Other features include:

  • 951cc, H2, liquid-cooled V-Twin EFI engine
  • 2WD/4WD with electronic front differential lock
  • 17″/15.5″ of front/rear suspension travel
  • King gas shocks
  • 12″ of ground clearance
  • Rapid Response clutch
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Dual LED headlights and taillights
  • Half doors
  • Highback bucket seats

The Wildcat 4X is similar to the Wildcat X except that it has seating for four. The Wildcat X Limited has full rather than half doors, front and rear aluminum bumpers and a molded roof. MSRPs are Wildcat X $18,499, Wildcat X Limited $19,499 and Wildcat 4X $20.499.

Kubota RTV-X900 Reviews

Kubota RTV-X900 utility vehicle

The RTV-X900 utility vehicle from Kubota

The Kubota RTV-X900 (See Specs) was introduced for model year 2014 and was an update to the RTV-900 which had been on the market for a number of years. Key improvements compared to the older model include changes to many physical dimensions and capacities to improve ergonomics and increase towing, tipping capacity and improve off-road comfort and performance. The variable hydraulic transmission (VHT-X) was also updated with a wider torque band from the engine with larger oil coolers to boost performance and durability. The wider torque band results in a a two speed (High,Low) drive compared to the previous three speed drive that required more shifting. The new drive also provides finer throttle control for operation on extreme terrain or under heavy loads.

There are three versions of the RTV-X900 the General Purpose in Kubota orange, the Worksite in Kubota orange and the Worksite in RealTree AP Camo. The Worksite version includes a hydraulic rather than manual bed lift, a brush guard in the front, a spray-on bed liner option and the camo paint option. Pricing ranges from around $13,500 to $15,000 depending on the model.

Kubota RTV-X900 Feature Walkthrough – This video walkthrough is from Kubota in the UK and points out some of the key features.

  • 21 hp diesel engine
  • New front design
  • 60/40 bench seats
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Adjustable steering
  • Easy to reach parking brake
  • Glove box and underseat storage
  • Wider cargo bed than previously
  • Independent rear suspension added to independent front suspension
  • Adjustable susension

ATV.com – A day riding the full RTV X series lineup of vehicles including the RTV-X900.

  • Plenty of legroom and comfortable throttle pedal
  • The RTV-X line in general has heavier vehicles made for work with engines that deliver torque but not quick acceleration
  • Dynamic braking works well and makes steep descents worry free
  • The power steering is “the lightest we ever tested”, even at low speeds. Should reduce driver fatigue after long work days.
  • Vehicle feels planted
  • Turf tires had difficulty on muddier climbs
  • RTV-X900 only has lap belts instead of 3-point seat belts

Tractorbynet.com User Forum – Owner comments on the RTV-X900

  • Seating is comfortable.
  • H & L ranges are appropriate for most use.
  • Not fast, but strong.
  • Good storage under both seats. Glove box with door.
  • Good instrument panel.
  • Shifter is extremely hard to move between L H N R. Takes a lot of muscle to move it.
  • Shifter can become stuck in reverse when stopping on incline. Engine won’t restart if stuck in reverse, needed another piece of equipment to take pressure off reverse linkages before shifter would move and restart engine.
  • Dump bed must be raised to check oil, therefore starting engine before checking oil.
  • Factory supplied battery is very small, doubt it would have enough power to heat glow plugs and still start motor in freezing weather.
  • Engine seems to labor and slow down on inclines, let off & full on gas and resumes original speed.
  • Shifting problem was an issue that came up but other commnenters noted that the driver needs to brake while shifting which is tied into a release valve for the hydrostatic pressure. This valve may also require some adjustment.

www.agriculture.com – For four days a team of 12 experienced riders put eight of the newest UTVs through their paces in the Successful Farming Ultimate UTV Evaluation.

  • Hydrostatic transmission and hydraulics allow for easier driving, PTO accessories and engine-braking
  • Excellent downhill control but heavier weight can be an issue on inclines
  • Not built for speed
  • Can carry a heavy load and the suspension handles the load well so the vehicle maintains drivability
  • Nice features – Adjustable driver seat, tilt steering and horn